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Creative Market Community Update for Mar. 31 – Apr. 6

Creative Market March 31, 2021 · 9 min read

Each week, we’ll be collecting and sharing a selection of new products and shop owners coming onto Creative Market, interesting activity that’s happening in our community, and various design and technology links from around the web.
Here’s our recap for the week of March 31st through April 6th, 2014.

Activity from Our Community

Ranging from news, product process, community initiatives, peer education and more, have a peak at what’s happening in the Creative Market Community.
Designmodo posted a tutorial on how to use their Generator to create a landing page for your start-up or personal business.
John Shaver (aka Design Panoply) posted a tutorial on Photoshop Video Academy to help designers learn how to wrap their text and shape layers so that they conform to the surface of the layer underneath. Essentially, it’s a crash course on the primary skill needed to produce product mock-ups, which is a very useful skill to have on Creative Market.
Eric Miller (UX Kits) has been putting together a gallery of screenshots of users building UX maps with their digital and physical goods.
Designmodo also posted a great tutorial on how to create a custom illustrated app icon in Illustrator.
Alex Singleton of GoMedia wrote about the benefits of working remotely from the beach on their blog. Yes, please!
Dustin Lee (aka Retro Supply) and his family stopped by our office in San Francisco this morning. Thanks for coming by to meet the team, Dustin!
Sean Wes hosted a round-table video/podcast discussion with 3 other designers (Rogie King, Justin Mezzell, Cory Staudacher) about the “Like” drug. The 1.5 hour chat is a discussion on what matters in a world of followers and like counts.
WildFooox started a discussion about proposed best practices of following etiquette on Creative Market.
Eddy Biel (aka Layerform) aske members how many users that they’ve referred since joining the Partner Program.
If you’re looking for a logo project, send Ha Nguyen a message on the conversation that she started in discussions in which she requested a logo designer for her nail spa business.

New & Noteworthy Shop Owners

Help us welcome a few new Shop Owners who’ve recently joined the marketplace.
Tana Gandhi
Using the moniker morningrituals, Tana produces stunningly modern, bright photos and has nice collections on her VSCO and Instagram accounts. We can’t wait to see what imagery she brings to the marketplace.
Oleg Beresnev
Oleg has hit the ground running, posting many nicely illustrated graphic resources, such as USA Symbols and Space flat icon set. Make sure to follow him on Twitter, Dribbble and Behance, and keep an eye on his growing Creative Market shop!
Abby E. Olson
Hailing from Madison, Wisconsin, and going by the name Pepper, Abby creates colorful illustration and design resources. Based on the work she’s listed for sale so far, her fun products can add a dash of hand-crafted cheer to your projects. Follow her shop on Creative Market and Facebook to stay tuned for more!
Laura Stolfi
Laura takes some striking photos in Italy, and specializes in still life, landscape and food shots. Her images have a soft and personal take on her subject matter, and are very stylish. See more of her work on her personal website, her Les Hirondelles blog, and follow her Creative Market shop to see when she adds new photography!
Lukáš Flekal
Lukáš named his Czech Republic-based Creative Market shop LFdesign, and is already posting some interesting polymorphic work. His first two products, Vector Low Poly Alphabet and 26 Abstract Low Poly Backgrounds, are very unique products — which hint that he might post more similar products like these in the future. Follow his Creative Market shop, and browse more of his work on Behance and his website.
Laura Cola
Based out of Austin, Texas, Laura captures some beautiful moments and subjects with her camera. She’s got a terrific eye for lighting and layout, and we can’t wait to see what images she’ll post next. (I’m hoping it’s a series of photos based off her Dapper Dog image.) Plus, she’s got two fun pixel fonts available for sale too! Follow her Creative Market shop, browse her personal website, and say hello on Twitter.
Spencer Thayer
Located in historic New Orleans, Spencer takes pro photographs that are full of saturated hues and rich details. He’s posted a few images from the cultural melting pot of Louisiana, and we hope he grows his collection. Have a look at this website, and follow his Creative Market shop and Twitter profile too.

Fresh Goods from Last Week

Each week, we see tons of new, amazing design resources being added to the marketplace. Here’s a selection of a few of our favorites from last week.
Targo 4F by 4th february type foundry
Using clean lines and soft, rounded, semi-condensed letterforms, Targo is the perfect font for those friendly, professional design projects. The 4F single style is $35, and the whole 6-font family is available too.
Flat Design Concept for SEO by comica81
You never know when you might need a classic flat illustration that communicates SEO as a multifaceted machine. This is Dejan’s first product, and it’s a good one! We look forward to many more beautifully designed illustration resources.
Graduation Announcement by EveryTuesday
Having recently opened her shop, Teela put together this sweet, charming graduation announcement that comes in a few different color schemes.
Herschel + Bonus by Decade Type Foundry
Back with another killer font, Gilang published this unique, hand-drawn serif that contains nice subtleties and slightly exaggerated sizes of the serifs.
Hand holding iPhone 5s by Pan Dizajner
This is a great first product from Pan, who put together this large bundle of 22 high-quality iPhone photos that make it easy to drop in your mobile comp for a nice presentation asset.
Set of Watercolor Wedding Cards by Elena Pimonova
If you love watercolor and are in the market for wedding cards (for yourself or a client), then this beautifully illustrated set may be the one for you!
15 Grandpa’s Texture Vol.2 by irwanwismoyo
This wonderful set of distressed textures will help you evoke a historic heritage in your work.
Huggable Avatars by VoxelFluxDesign
This simple set of circle avatars provide a fun mix-and-match experience for creating characters for infographics or placeholder avatars for your digital project.
White Background Remove by graphicon
Quite possibly the most innovative product launched last week, this fancy Photoshop action makes removing the white background from your drawings and images a breeze.
World flags by phdieuli
This handy icon set of world flags is produced in a flat style that’s perfect for any international project where country identifiers are needed.
Mountain View by Hombre-cz
Pavel captures a peaceful bench in the serenity of the Austrian mountains.
Easter Eggs by kite-kit
With Easter almost upon us, check out this convenient set of beautiful and diverse Easter egg illustrations, which are offered as both vector and raster assets.
New York Photo Set 100 Images by Magic Mint
A truly special set of imagery of the Big Apple, priced at only $14. The photos are sized around 5000 x 3400 pixels, and offer a ton of diverse visuals of New York City.
Comic Effects 2 by Darish
If you need a vintage comic vibe full of energy and personality, try layering a few of these explosive vector illustrations. Ka-pow!
Nexus by ASXCH
With it’s clean look and over 40+ customizable features, this modern Tumblr theme would make for a great image-based inspiration blog and more.
Runny Inkers by Kyle’s Pro Design Tools
It’s hard not to pass up on Kyle’s latest brush set, since all of his products are so dang good. This time around, he’s crafted a gritty, vintage brush vibe that simulates a runny pen. Excellent stuff.

Design Links from Around the Web

Check out what’s being shipped and talked about in the design, start-up, creativity and tech industries.
Spotify Redesign
This popular music service received a redesign in an effort to create a cohesive user experience of the brand. Wired published the release story as an exclusive on April 2nd.
Color Explorer
Need color inspiration? Explore a variety of free tools for working with color palettes in your digital projects.
An inspiration app for designers where they can browse designer news, dribbble, behance, hacker news, among others — all in one place.
Shape Video
A film about the power of design, this project is all about getting young people thinking about how the world around them is made, and where design fits in. Produced by MakeShapeChange.
The complete marketing suite for promotions across the visual web — Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram.
PS Weather
Made by Source created a Photoshop extension so that you can see what th weather is like from inside your favorite design app. If the weather looks good, then you can decide to take a break from your computer and go outside.
Responsive Email Patterns
Enjoy an expansive collection of patterns & modules for responsive emails.
Mountain Valley Game
A beautiful isometric game that combines architecture and problem solving.
From Up North
Need an inspiration recharge? Browse this extensive visual inspiration site, which contains galleries of different mediums within the overall category of design.
The Making of Neon Sign
A short film about fabricating the landscape of neon signage in China.
An online subscription and gifting service in which you pick your favorite cultural icon, they curate a selection of goods, and the package is shipped directly to you or a loved one’s door step.
Vine Messaging
The latest update to the popular short video sharing app includes a new messaging feature.
Serial Thriller
A nice visual inspiration blog of design and illustration samples.

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