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Design Trend Report: Winter 2022

Featuring Y2K Themed Vector Clipart by angelainthefields

Creative Market January 6, 2022 · 3 min read

Trends give us a hint of the underlying patterns inspiring creative professionals around the globe. As we’ve mentioned here before, design trends are meant to serve as starting points to kickstart your own creative process. A set of insights to spark a design that is still uniquely yours. 

Inspire your perspective as we go over some of this season’s most popular design themes. A detailed overview of Velvet Jade, our Color of the Season, is also available here. If you’d like to see these trends in action, check out our handpicked collections with fonts, graphics, photos, templates, and more assets featuring each theme.

Geo Gothic

This retro-futurist look combines the simplicity of solid shapes and symbols with warped text and acid accents. It feels urban, 70s, and design-forward all at once. Layouts and styling are heavily influenced by the NFT art space.


Y2k continues to influence design in 2022, but this particular flavor is textbook 2014 Tumblr. Think grungy textures, film-inspired type treatments, and cinematic color grading. As Gen-Z continues to build digital campfires reminiscent of the internet’s early days, the Tumblr aesthetic offers TikTok energy with a vintage twist.

The Dreamyverse

Inspired by a utopian vision of 24/7 daydreaming, this trend is all about cloudy textures and warm puffy feelings. An ephemeral brand of escapism.


Clay, blocks, fidget toys, glitter— this trend is childhood galore. Free play is glorified with naïve, saturated motifs that remind us what pure creativity looks like, minus the layers of age, career, and societal expectations.

Regency Postmoderne

Every time the pandemic has offered a window for reopenings, we’ve seen a certain Art Deco, Gatsbyesque nightlife look take over. Expect the Roaring 2020s to last for as long as our collective excitement to meet again is triggered post-pandemic.

Mental Detox

Inner work is a prerequisite to anything we might want to accomplish in 2022. This shift towards mental health was notorious throughout 2021, but now takes center stage as more coaches, psychologists, and professionals focus their practice on life balance and post-Covid recovery.

Eye of the Tiger

This Chinese New Year, set to start on February 1st, features an animal with a fierce, determined spirit. If that’s the energy you’re feeling, the Year of the Tiger has your name all over it. Time to own your wildest dreams.

What are you seeing more of?

Have any other trends caught your eye this season? Any other products you think would be a great fit for these collections? We’d love to hear! Share your findings in the comments section below.

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