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The Big Little Feature Update, Part 2

Lesley Yarbrough March 22, 2024 · 4 min read

If you’ve been wondering what the Creative Market team has been working on lately, the answer is a lot. While we’ve been pushing hard towards bigger features like our upcoming API and affiliate program, we’ve also been sneaking a lot of little features and improvements into the marketplace as we go along. Many of these are suggestions that came from the community and we can’t thank you enough for your help in making Creative Market a great place to do business.

Drag & Drop Screenshots

Until recently, adjusting the order of product screenshots has been a cumbersome process. With the addition of drag and drop functionality, this makes the re-ordering of screenshots smooth as butter for shop owners. With many of us on the team who manage our own shops on Creative Market, we’re definitely excited to see this feature live.

Drag n Drop

Price Point Maximizer

Ever wonder how the heck you should price your new item? We can help. Now when you’re uploading a new product to your shop, you’ll see a handy tool on the right side that tells you the optimal price range based on the type of product. This range is calculated from the averages of the top selling products in each category and should help shops optimize their sales a bit better.

Price Point Maximizer

Product View Count for Shops

This is one of those simple additions that makes a world of difference in understanding your product’s performance. Now in your shop settings you can see how many views your products are getting, allowing you to adjust your presentation if you find your views aren’t converting to sales.

View Count

Promotion Modal

Another subtle addition for shops is this new modal window that appears when you add a new product for sale. Now you can easily promote your new products to your favorite networks and start getting the word out right off the bat.

Promotion Modal

Hidden Live Preview Frame

This is another one of those small things that makes browsing themes a better experience overall. Now that pesky frame is hidden by default so that you can get a better idea of how the theme looks and feels on its own. And if you need it back, simply click the arrow and the frame is there with all of the marketplace info.

Live Preview 1 arrow

Live Preview 2

Hide Purchase Activity

Despite the social nature of just about everything these days, we understand that not everyone is as keen to share certain things. Recently we added an option to hide your purchase activity from your profile and you can toggle this option from your account settings.

Public Purchases arrow

Explore Product Files

We’re actually super proud of this particular feature. We wanted to give members an elegant way to explore product files and see exactly what’s inside the product before making a purchase. Now, when you click the “All Files” link on the right sidebar, you see a handy modal appear that allows you to navigate the files and folders for the product. Pretty cool!

Explore Files 1

Explore Files 2

Creative Market Brand Page

Over the past few months we’ve received many requests for official branding materials, so we’re excited to release our new brand page to the public. Here you can grab our logo & icon, colors & font info, and all the details you could possibly need on how to use all of these assets properly. We’ve already started seeing these resources put to good use, and we’d love to see anything you make as well!

Branding Page


Exciting stuff, and we’ve got even more great features and improvements on the horizon. As always, we’d love to hear any feedback or suggestions you may have for us. Feel free to leave them in the comments or you’re always welcome to contact us via email. Cheers!

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