It's my stock icon set, Prime, updated with @2x retina ready icons :D! You get 50+ icons and some badges as PNG files in two sizes (roughly) 64px, 128px and @2x.

UPDATE: I added two PSD's. One for @1x and the other for @2x. It's a large download (roughly 90mb or so), but it's worth it. So to new customers and to those of you who have purchased this already go learn some stuff from my PSDs :D

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  1. John Farley
    • Purchased

    Really like the technical skill and the visual imagination of your work. I simply don't really know how to turn these ( *.psd, *.png ) files into "*.ico" / icons. Soon as you give me a clue about how to do that - you have a sale, as well as the new follower I've just become.Keep at it; your work deserves continuous investment. Please respond to when you can about some instruction for making the *.ico files.
    Thanks and Bwell

  2. miho
    • Purchased

    @Prekesh Chavda really, really awesome *_* thanks a million :)

  3. miho
    • Purchased

    Ohh ... unfortunately I skipped that these beatuiful icons are just pngs and that the psds are not included :-/ would be really great to be able to edit them *_*


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