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Vibrant Lightroom Presets for Food Photography

Creative Market April 18, 2024 · 5 min read

If you are a food photographer or blogger, you might want to consider Lightroom for editing. Lightroom has tons of editing tools that can help you clean up your photos, including presets that you can simply apply to your photos with minimal additional editing. Here are some great Lightroom presets created by Creative Market designers that can enhance your food photos. They are vibrant and colorful, to make for vivid, bright, and eye-catching shots.

Moody Foody Lightroom Presets

Filtercrave created Moody Foody Lightroom Presets, a set of Lightroom Presets designed specifically to be applied to food photos. The set includes 15 premium presets that enhance the darker parts of images and add detailed color toning. You can pick one preset and then develop your Instagram brand around it.

The Foodie Lightroom Presets

The Foodie Lightroom Presets

is a set of presets for food photos created by I & M Lightroom Presets. It has 52 presets in the download, so you can choose from a wide array of styles for your food shots. I & M Lightroom Presets sum up the value of their kit in the following words: “Eating food is easy, cooking it is hard, and making it look tasty on camera is even harder. Along with great food and good styling, these 52 presets will make your dishes look as delectable as possible.”

The FOOD 175 Workflow Bundle 3 In 1

Take advantage of a huge bundle of Lightroom photo presets when you buy The FOOD 175 Workflow Bundle 3 in 1. The designer recommends this bundle for food photographers, wedding photographers, and food bloggers. You can also tweak each of the 85 Lightroom presets to look just right for your style or images.

50 Food Presets Bundle

These Food Presets by FilterAtelier are specifically designed to enhance the way that food looks in any setting. The designer recommends them for restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, and bars. 50 Food Presets Bundle comes with 50 presets that can be used in Photoshop or Lightroom.

Food Lightroom Presets Vol. 2

ulent.Studio created Food Lightroom Presets Vol. 2. When you download this set of presets, you get 10 Lightroom presets that can be used with Adobe Lightroom 4, 5, 6, and CC. Ulent.Studio says the presets are good for use by professional photographers and amateurs alike.

Oneday: Food Lightroom presets

Emyself Design created Oneday: Food Lightroom Presets for food-themed photos. The set includes soft and faded color toning presets that add a distinctively cinematic style.

Bright Airy Food Desktop & Mobile

Get Bright Airy Food Desktop & Mobile by LOU&MARKS for a set of presets that will make your food look happy, vivid, and well-lit. This set comes with 35 professional presets and 3 presets specifically for the mobile version of Lightroom. In addition to the Lightroom presets, you also get 25 professional Photoshop ACR presets.

Bistrology Food Lightroom Presets

When you download Bistrology Food Lightroom Presets by RockShutter, you get 62 premium Lightroom presets and 13 local adjustment preset brushes. The set of presets was designed for food bloggers, and it adds color, vividness, soft matter, and vintage flair to any food photo.

55+ Food Blogger Lightroom Presets

Filtercrave made 55+ Food Blogger Lightroom Presets, which is a great set for anyone who wants a variety of photo styles to choose from. These presets were inspired by the VSCO app and its default camera presets.

Food Photography Lightroom Presets

When you download Food Photography Lightroom Presets by Presetsh, you get 25 presets for food photographers that convey an expressive, moody visual aesthetic. The presets come with a PDF help file in case you need guidance.

Foodicious LR Presets

Foodicious LR Presets

, created by Hyrdozi, includes 65 presets: 40 bright food presets and 25 retouch presets. These Foodicious Lightroom presets are particularly saturated, and are a great choice to bring out flavors if your food contains red or orange color palettes.

Food Photography Lightroom Presets

Dikarte Media made Food Photography Lightroom Presets, describing them as having a “vintage, clean, toning style.” The set includes presets that add a touch of fade, grunge, softness.

FoodKit – Food Presets for LR & ACR

FoodKit – Food Presets for LR & ACR

was made by Presetrain Co. This set of presets for Lightroom is ideal for food photographers, wedding photographers, and food bloggers. It has a dark, artistic style brought to life with 42 unique presets that can be used in Photoshop or Lightroom.

Food Photography Lightroom Presets

Food Photography Lightroom Presets

by BeArt-Presets gives you “food superpowers.” In the set, you get 40 Lightroom presets, one-click filters, and detailed installation instructions. You also get lifetime free product updates.

Food Photography – Lightroom Presets made FoodPhotography -Lightroom Presets for food photographers who want to enhance their images easily. Presets are 100% non-destructive, and the set comes with 30 premium presets.

When you take photos of your food, make those pictures look as good as possible before posting them on social media by using Lightroom. If you buy Lightroom presents from Creative market designers, you can easily apply settings that will make your photos look like they were shot by a pro. If you are planning to use them on Instagram, and want to create a fresh and exciting Instagram brand, consider using them in conjunction with other helpful tools designed for Instagram by Creative Market designers, like story covers, profile photo templates, themes and more.

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